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Regiunea care Învață Cadrul Comun de Asigurare a Calității
În ultimii ani Regiunea care Învață (Learning Region) a devenit un concept larg folosit în politicile educaționale europene. Datorită diferitelor abordări și perspective s-au cristalizat mai multe domenii specifice de cunoaștere, de la aria dezvoltării capitalului social, buna guvernare și dezvoltarea insituțională, colaborarea actorilor cheie, parteneriatul public-privat și cooperarea transversală.
Educaţia Adulţilor în lumina strategiei europene de calitate
Proiecul promovează calitatea în educația adulților, reflectând bunele practici ce pot fi identificate în inițiativele regiunii care învață, din perspectiva CQAF (Cadrul Comun de Asigurare a Calității). În mod concret proiectul valorifică experiențele valoroase din această arie, dezvoltând un set comun de metode și instrumente relevante pentru asigurarea și creșterea calității rețelelor care învață, convergente cu CQAF.

Învăţare Regiunilor

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A nationwide learning festival took place in Switzerland from 10-11 September 2010. At 28 locations, over 500 events were offered. From the visit to the luthier on yoga and foreign languages to the design workshop 'dresses made of paper ", there was something suitable for everyone. The regional coordinators draw a positive conclusion. Year on year the number of participants has increased. In the whole of Switzerland took about 6000 people participated in the learning events.

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R3L+ Eveniment

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The 3rd transnational workshop will take place in Pecs, Hungary from 10th - 13th October 2010. The Council of Ministers of the European Union awarded the European Capital of Culture title to the city of Pécs for the year 2010. By the title Pécs has become one of the most significant centers of art and culture in Hungary. In 2010 Pécs will celebrate as European Capital of Culture, presenting its genuine treasure – the cultural heritage of the city – to the world.

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R3L+ Regiuni care Învaţă: caracteristici, strategie şi abordarea centrată pe învăţare.

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Asigurarea calităţii în Regiunile care Învaţă: dezbaterea unor aspecte cheie privind cadrul comun în aria calităţii.

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Asigurarea calităţii în Regiunile care Învaţă: elaborarea unor criterii, indicatori şi metode de măsurare a calităţii.

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Strategia Europeană privind calitatea în educaţie şi formare profesională: dezbateri de idei, resurse documentare.

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R3L+ Learning Regions

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The goal of the “Learning Regions – Providing support for networks” programme is to find optimal solutions for the structural challenges of Lifelong Learning. Solutions which will not only benefit the promoted networks ...

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The Learning City of Dundee adopted a policy of inclusive Lifelong Learning, which provides more opportunities for participation. It makes opportunities available to those who live in the most deprived areas. It brings together excellence in science and culture and disseminates this all Dundee's citizens in new ways. It promotes the wider benefits of existing Arts, Culture, Sport and Health initiatives to ensure that they become meaningful for all.

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Kaunas, the second city of Lithuania, has moved towards the learning city in 2001, based on learning partnership networks ...

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A City of Learning Steering Group was established in 2003, comprising representatives of all the main education training, enterprise and development agencies; together with social partners. The main aim is to support a city-wide learning strategy ...

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In Romania the regional level emerged in the public policymaking only after 1989, when escaping a hyper-centralised system of government and under the influence of the accession process to EU ...

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The Pécs Learning City-Region Forum has put quality learning either in formal, non-formal or in informal environment on the agenda and to support organisational learning so as to promote networking amongst learning providers and stakeholders ...

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Lundaland is formally a non-governmental organization set up to initiate, manage and finance a Leader project within a specific territory in the southern part of Sweden where a number of grass-root driven micro-projects are being launched to create wealth in the rural areas of the territory. Projects are bottom-up defined and the learning processes follow the pedagogical frameworks for learning-by-doing, learning-by creating and learning-by-experimentation, rather than learning-by-being-educated.

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Project No: 504475-LLP- 1-2009-1-DE-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Agreement: 2009 - 3413 / 001 – 001

Research Article


Randolph Preisinger-Kleine

An Analytical Quality Framework for Learning Cities and Regions 

 UNESCO - Springer Verlag

Juli 2013

R3L+ Handbook

Quality in Developing
Learning Cities and Regions
A Guide for Practitioners and Stakeholders

Munich 2012
ISBN 978-3-00-037333-6

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EduPlan is a support system in the transition from school and vocational training to profession as interface for the emergence of cooperation in networks, a subject that increasingly takes a center stage of the educational policy in many European states.


The main aim of this project is to implement the SPEAK system in six chosen European countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain and Hungary.) SPEAK is an innovative tool for strategic planning, evaluation and knowledge management of multi-stakeholder cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (VET).

BEQUAL is a European portal dedicated to quality procedures in Vocational Education and Training (VET) as well as to benchmarking between peers.

Eurolocal is a partner project of R3L+. 

EUROlocal reinforces the EC policy on lifelong learning regions by collecting the tools, strategies, learning materials, reports and everything concerned with their development. The project represents an easily accessible resource for local initiatives to the collective experience and knowledge resulting from these pan-European efforts.

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